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Nuestros Programas de 18 días cuestan entre: $25,000 Dlls y $35,000 Dlls

After our functional oncology treatments, the best possible way and the part that integrates the management of cancer is: monitoring.

At our clinic, we offer a “Follow Up Program” that is a series of steps followed by the patient and the medical team. The most important part of our program is constant communication between the patient and their doctor.

 This step will help our medical team take better decisions regarding treatment, the well-being of the patient, adjustments that need to be made, modifications or changes in the post discharge management.

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Importance of a Proper Medical
Follow-Up Program

The Functional Oncology Alternative Cancer Treatment

For us the only common aspect cancer patients have is the type of cancer in some cases the location of the tumor. However, for our medical team the most important thing is how they live with the disease, their personal experience with a cancer diagnosis.

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Tratamiento Alternativo y Funcional contra el Cáncer en Tijuana, México

El Hospital más seguro, accesible y el único certificado por más de 10 años

  • Atención personalizada con administradores de casos con sede ​​en los Estados Unidos.
  • Tranquilidad por ser tratado en el hospital más prestigioso de México
  • Hospital certificado completamente equipado y con acreditación internacional (no es una clínica como la mayoría)
  • Las mejores instalaciones médicas y tecnológicamente avanzadas en Tijuana.
  • Servicio de transporte del Aeropuerto de San Diego al Hospital (viceversa).
  • Farmacia y Capilla dentro de las instalaciones.
  • Mejores comodidades.
  • Cómodas habitaciones con espacio para su acompañante.
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“ Once our patients have returned home, our most important job is to monitor their recuperation. Our medical team will guide patients thank to continuous communication between the doctor and patient for purposes of feedback ” 

More About Alternative Cancer Treatments 18 day programs

Patient Testimonial

Breast Cancer Survivor Testimonial – Sherlyn Nocwiki

Sherlyn Nocwiki es una paciente canadiense de 52 años, sobreviviente de cáncer que fue diagnosticada con cáncer de mama antes de recibir un tratamiento de 12 días con nosotros. Ella comparte cómo el momento en que le diagnosticaron cáncer fue el momento más aterrador de su vida y como después de investigar todos los efectos secundarios de los tratamientos tradicionales contra el cáncer, el miedo solamente creció y sus preocupaciones eran reales.

Sheryl, al igual que la mayoría de los pacientes, tenía muchas opciones para su tratamiento y junto con su médico de atención primaria en Canadá, decidieron que la mejor opción era nuestra clínica. Marcaron al hospital y hablaron con el Dr. Pérez durante seis horas aproximadamente, para confirmar su decisión.

Sheryl explica cómo antes de llegar con nosotros, visitó otra clínica oncológica en Tijuana pero su experiencia no fue grata y sus instalaciones la hicieron sentir muy incómoda, completamente opuesto a cómo se sintió cuando ingresó a MedicalMex, donde las instalaciones están a la altura de los estándares en Estados Unidos y el personal la hizo sentirse como en casa. Se emociona cuando explica la gran atención personalizada del Dr. Pérez y de todo el equipo médico.

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Follow Up Program for Cancer Patients

The Functional Oncology Alternative Cancer Treatment

To ensure the progress and improvement of our patients we use a series of standard gold tests to help measure the results. Before applying the tests, we use a mechanic called: Dose-response. Once our specialists have treated the patient with a specific therapy, they must wait an established amount of time to see the results, measure them and know what type of test they must apply.

*The dynamic of our “Dose-response” mechanic is explained to each patient, before we do their treatment.

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Follow Up Program

The Functional Oncology Alternative Cancer Treatment

The standard gold tests are the following:

  • Imaging studies: CT scans, MRI and PET scans to locate, measure and identify possible causes that contribute to certain complications or health problems.
  • Lab work: taken by blood sampling. Mainly to study the proper function of the body, also we perform chemical analysis for a full medical story on organ function and know the real condition of the patient.
  • Symptoms: we are talking about the patient’s experience. The changes they in their body, directing our attention to them. We need to know the ones that require change or control on the follow up program. These changes will be confirmed with the tests we perform.
  • Physical exam: our physician ability to find anything through sight, touch and smell.
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Medical Impression

The Functional Oncology Alternative Cancer Treatment

The correlation between all the evaluations we perform on our patients, is the final step and it´s called: medical impression. It’s important for our patients to know that all tests have certain limitations and this final step will helps see the whole picture of the present situation.

That is why, we repeatedly say the communication between doctor and patient is vital. When we start the Functional Oncology Program we take into consideration the patients experience to create a personalized treatment.

In this final step, we need to know specific feedback with time and space about each intervention, so our medical team can prevent any complications. Thanks to all this information, our physicians create a personalized follow up program for our patients.

However, it’s the patient’s responsibility to follow it and achieve the final goal. In addition, our patients are informed about every step and medical evaluation needed, in case they do not agree on it or don’t want a specific exam, then our physicians eliminate that exam and they will continue their evaluation with those limitations.

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Follow Up Program FAQ´s

Frequently-Asked-Question about our Follow Up Program

For more information about Functinal Oncology Procotol and the importance of a proper Follow Up Program at MedicalMex  please read our most frequently asked questions or contact us today using our FREE consultation form at the bottom of the page.

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At our Functional Center, our treatment protocol cost can vary between $25,000 to $35,000 dollars, according to each patient´s case. To learn the exact quota of your functional oncology treatment, please fill out our medical form, here.

At our Functional Center, our treatment protocol cost can take between 18 days to 25 days, according to each patient´s case. To learn how long will your Functional Oncology Treatment be,  please fill out our medical form here.

Tratamiento Alternativo y Funcional para Cáncer  

Clínica de Oncología Funcional 

La clínica de cáncer en MedicalMex ofrece uno de los tratamientos naturopáticos (tratamientos naturales contra el cáncer) y tratamientos holísticos más exitosos en México.

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